Social Media for solicitors
Social Media for professionals including solicitors

It’s not just the website for professionals that can make the difference between success and failure online. For a small professional business such as a solicitor in Barnet, or a wedding photographer in Kent word of mouth recommendations are the best way to secure new business.


Social media is the best way to get those recommendations online. This means that a solicitor in Barnet needs to be present to receive the recommendation via social media. If someone likes or shares your social media posts, they are recommending you to their friends. This means they’re telling people they like what you do and they should check out your social media presence, leading to your website.


To be a successful small business or solicitors firm on social media, you can follow some simple rules and guidelines. You can take on a specialist small business social media consultant or a specialist social media marketing agency.



Bristol Marketing has published “5 tips for small business social media success”. It advises on how to build your online reputation, gain new business and boost customer loyalty. It is really important to keep your social media profiles up-to-date and complete.


Barnet Solicitors
Barnet Solicitors

Let’s take a respected family solicitor in Barnet as an example, their circle of social media friends and followers are likely to be local to the Barnet area, so if a request from someone nearby is posted, a mutual friend can recommend the firm and post a link to your social media profile or website along with a recommendation. This means that all of the recommending person’s contacts will see the recommendation.


This is so that if a referral or recommendation is made, the person receiving it can review your services and contact you directly. It also helps distinguish you from competition from rival solicitor firms and other areas of law such as an employment solicitors broker in London.


Likewise for an enthusiastic wedding photographer in Kent. Amongst their followers are likely to be friends and customers that have enjoyed a special day and had the wedding photographer present. That means that they will share their work and showcase it to a wide circle of friends. People may ask who took the photos and be able to find them quickly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Wedding Photographer


These insightful tips also recommend using a keyword research process to identify keywords and key phrases that help customers find your social media posts through their Google searches.  You can use a keyword difficulty tool or Google’s webmaster tools to conduct your keyword research.


The rules work for all small business, because Google search place importance on local results now, companies in the Barnet or Hertfordshire area should consider location in their keywords. An online antique store selling  specialist Staffordshire Figures would have to specify the area they’re looking to attract business from or risk showing up on local searches in Staffordshire where the figures are more easily found and therefore less likely to fetch a profitable return. They may use keywords such as ‘Staffordshire figures in Hertfordshire’ to attract customers from an area where the figures are rare.